Qualified Electronic Signatures
The Cyprus Stock Exchange has assumed the role of a Local Registration Authority (LRA) of an authorized Registration Authority (RA). The CSE, as an LRA of an authorized RA, mediates for the issue and delivery to any natural person of a Qualified Certificate for Electronic Signature and Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD).
The combination of the above allows the holder to create qualified electronic signature, based on qualified certificate, issued by a qualified trust service provider and created by a qualified signature creation device. A qualified electronic signature has the same legal force as the handwritten signature, in accordance with the relevant Law [L.55(I)/2018]
Organizations or Companies can obtain from the CSE qualified certificates and QSCD, which they can use to serve their business. Many organizations adopt the use of qualified electronic signatures by implementing relevant infrastructure to replace procedures where printed documents (certified by stamps and signatures) are required.  
The main purpose of using qualified electronic signatures is:
1. Identification of the person signing (authenticity),
2. Guaranteeing the authenticity of digital data (integrity)
3. Non-disclaimer of the person signing (non-disclaimer)