Certificate Renewal

Certificate Renewal

The procedure described below concerns the renewal of the digital certificate of the current certificate holders only.
Thirty (30) days before the expiration date, you will received from Adacom SA (Certification Service Provider) email (sender: cse_ds@adacom.com) that your digital certificate will expire at the date specified in the message. As a result, to renew the digital certificate you should first visit the related to the renewals’ Adacom webpage and follow the instructions:

https://pki.adacom.com/xak/gr/client/userRenewal.htm (for Greek)

https://pki.adacom.com/xak/en/client/userRenewal.htm (for English)

After the above procedure is concluded the payment of €120 (annual digital certificate subscription) is required, at least five (5) working days before the expiration date in one of the accounts held with the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) accounts in Banking Organizations as follow:
Bank Account No.
Bank of Cyprus Public Company Ltd 0120-05-020334-00
Bank of Cyprus Public Company Ltd ( ex – Marfin Popular Bank Public Co.) 357012097722
Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd 202-101-0021061
Hellenic Bank Public Co Ltd 106-11-033879-00
USB Bank 142-8-0000603-63014
SPE STROVOLOU LTD 033-10-2084181-3
The deposit receipt have to be send the CSE either by fax (No. 00357-22570308) or via e-mail (info@cse.com.cy) indicating the name of the holder of the digital certificate and the company representing.
It is noted that the conclusion of the renewal includes, after the payment, an email from Adacom stating that your digital ID is ready.
In addition, we draw your attention to the following:
  1. When the digital certificate holder does not renew the digital certificate on time then he/she must submit to the CSE the Application Form for qualified certificate in secure signature creation device (DL2)’. This Application Form should include the necessary identification documents (ID/passport) and should be submitted in person. If that is not possible, then the applicants’ signature should be authorised by an approved notary person.
  1. In cases where you are asked to enter the “Passphrase” when:
(a) the digital certificate holder has forgotten the “Passphrase”, then the online enrolment procedure (before the digital certificate expiration date) should be used where he/she will be asked to enter the same personal information as entered in the original ‘Application Form for qualified certificate in secure signature creation device (DL2)’ and submit a new challenge phrase.

(b) the digital certificate holder tries to enter the “Passphrase” more than three times resulting in the user been locked, then the procedure described in (a) above should be followed. In addition, in this case there will be no extension of the current digital certificate deadline, therefore the user should enrol on time, at least 5 working days before the expiration date.

You are asked to renew and pay your digital certificate on time and before the expiration date in order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

For any further information or clarifications, please contact the CSE by phone 00357-22712455 for technical issues and 0035722712373 for procedural issues or email info@cse.com.cy .