Aquisition of Electronic Signature

ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES / Aquisition of Electronic Signature

The Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) has been appointed as the Officially Appointed Mechanism for the storage of Regulated Information known as OAM, according to the Law that provides for transparency requirements in relation to information about issuers whose securities are admitted to trading on a regulated market. Specifically, OAM is an electronic system for announcements submissions issued by listed issuers as well as by the CSE, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, CSE Members, Nominated Advisors (Nomads) and Secretaries of listed companies.
The OAM system makes use of electronic / digital signatures and has replaced the previous procedure which requires the submission of announcements by fax and e-mail. Some key features of the system are the following: 
  • Web based user interface for announcements submission.
  • Notification of the issuer about the state of the announcement in real-time via the user interface and electronic messaging.
  • Notification of the issuer by sending warning e-mails, in order to send announcements within the required timeframes.
  • Use by the issuer, of an advanced Digital Signature, serving as a handwritten signature, ensuring thus the integrity of the announcement.
  • Ability to attach pdf files in the announcement body.
  • Allows the translation of the announcement by the issuer itself or by the CSE upon payment of the relevant fees.

Acquisition of electronic signature

Any person may obtain a qualified digital certificate and secure signature creation device (SSCD) from the CSE with his presence at the CSE offices where he will need:

A. to present his Identity card (ID), which will be photocopied.

B. to complete and sign the "Application Form for qualified certificate in Secure Signature Creation Device (DL2)".

In the presence of authorized representatives, instead of the physical person at the offices of the CSE, the agent should provide:

A. the "Application Form for qualified certificate in Secure Signature Creation Device (DL2)", signed by the applicant and certified by Certifying Officer.

B. a certified copy of the identity card of the applicant.

C. a written authorization signed by the applicant and certified by a Certifying Officer, for the submission of the above documents and the receipt of SSCD by the authorized person.

Furthermore, to access the OAM system is necessary to complete the authorization form for use of the advanced electronic signature on behalf of the company.

Cost of acquisition / Payment

Buying a Secure Signature Creation Device (SSCD) costs €90 (plus 19% VAT). The issuance of a qualified digital certificate valid for one year, it costs €120  (plus 19% VAT).

The relevant fees may be deposited at the CSE offices or CSE accounts maintained in the Banking Institutions (see related documents below).
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