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16/05/2019 --To Companies Listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange -- 5th Version of the CSE Corporate Governance Code
14/05/2019 Members’ Market Shares for April 2019
14/05/2019 Non-submission and publication of the Annual Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2018 (Regulated Market)
14/05/2019 Half-Yearly Review of the FTSE/CySE20 Index
16/04/2019 --To Members / Nominated Advisors--Presentation / Seminar on "Stock Exchange Legislation for persons interested in being registered as Nominated Advisors for the Emerging Companies Market of the CSE"
15/04/2019 --TO Listed Companies / Members / Custodians & Nominated Advisors--New forms for the renewal of the LEI code
28/03/2019 --To Listed Companies -- Determination of the minimum permitted value of simple pre-agreed transactions for equity instruments based on the Average Daily Turnover (ADT)
15/02/2019 -Τo Companies / Members /Custodians & Nomads--Suggestions for amendments to the Table of Fees regarding the fees for listing on the Emerging Companies Market
06/02/2019ΕΛΗΤShare Capital Increase – Approval and Publication of Prospectus
31/01/2019 --To Companies /Members & Custodians--Corporate Governance Code - Annex 3 of Regulatory Decision on the Stock Exchange Markets RAA 379/2014
29/01/2019 --TO Listed companies, Members and Custodians--Suggestions for amendments to the Table of Fees for Collective Investment Schemes
16/01/2019 --To Listed companies & Nominated Advisors --
11/01/2019 --To Listed Companies--Corporate Activities
21/12/2018 --TO COMPANIES--Translation of company announcements into English
19/12/2018ΕΛΗΤFinancial Results of the Group of Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd for the nine-month period ended 30th September 2018