Surveillance Market

REGULATED MARKET / Listing / Surveillance Market
Stocks in the Surveillance Market
Code Description Isin Listing Date Face Value No. Of Shares Trading
CHCH Ch. Charilaou Group Plc CY0006800516 24/5/2001 0.010(EUR) 215,817,850 EUR
CLL CLR INVESTMENT FUND PUBLIC LTD CY0005770710 14/09/2000 0.030(EUR) 288,140,972 EUR
KAR KARYES INVESTMENT PUBLIC COMPANY LTD CY0006240218 16/11/2000 0.250(EUR) 22,000,000 EUR
REG REGALLIA HOLDINGS & INVESTMENTS PUBLIC LTD CY0004460719 08/02/1999 0.090(EUR) 20,246,825 EUR
ROY ROYAL HIGHGATE PUBLIC COMPANY LTD CY0006990713 16/07/2001 0.017(EUR) 33,000,000 EUR