Qualified Electronic Signatures/ Seals
The Cyprus Stock Exchange has assumed the role of a Local Registration Authority (LRA) of an authorized Registration Authority (RA). The CSE, as an LRA of an authorized RA, mediates for the issue of:
  • Qualified Certificates for Electronic Signatures (natural person)
  • Qualified Certificates for Electronic Signatures (natural person associated with legal person)
  • Qualified Certificate for Electronic Seal (legal person)
Organizations or Companies can obtain from the CSE qualified certificates for electronic signatures/ seal, which they may use in their operations. An increasing number of organizations and companies choose to adopt the use of qualified electronic signatures to replace procedures requiring documents in printed form (ratified by seals and signatures).
The main purpose of using qualified electronic signatures/ seals is:
1. Identification of the person signing (authenticity),
2. Guaranteeing the authenticity of digital data (integrity)
3. Non-disclaimer of the person signing (non-disclaimer)