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Code Description Isin Listing Date Face Value NAV No. Of Shares Trading
CBAM Constantinou Bros Properties Plc CY0101271712 29/03/2010 0.010(EUR) N/A 1,950,000 EUR
LIMNI Cyprus Limni Resorts & Golfcourses Plc CY0101250518 29/03/2010 0.100(EUR) N/A 300,000,000 EUR
ITTL The Mall of Cyprus (MC) Plc CY0101421713 06/08/2010 0.500(EUR) N/A 100,000,000 EUR
ORCA ORCA Investment Plc CY0101241715 10/09/2010 0.010(EUR) N/A 1,200,000 EUR
EHMI ECHMI S.A. INVESTMENT CONSULTANTS CY0102430218 10/04/2012 1.000(EUR) N/A 321,123 EUR
EPIEN Selected Energy S.A. GRS804003002 28/06/2012 0.320(EUR) N/A 10,906,250 EUR
KERV Kerverus Holding IT (Cyprus) Plc CY0108271111 29/06/2012 0.100(EUR) N/A 12,809,200 EUR
GAS C.O. CYPRUS OPPORTUNITY ENERGY PUBLIC COMPANY LTD CY0102720717 17/07/2012 0.010(EUR) N/A 126,780,762 EUR
INLI INTERLIFE GENERAL INSURANCE S.A. GRS805003001 17/10/2012 0.590(EUR) N/A 18,567,912 EUR
STC Global Digital Services Plc MT0000730102 30/04/2013 0.010(EUR) N/A 1,525,000,000 EUR
UGE UNIVERSAL GOLF ENTERPRISES PLC CY0105440511 29/12/2014 0.010(EUR) N/A 34,328,000 EUR
LAGLF LANITIS GOLF PUBLIC CO LTD CY0104851718 20/01/2015 1.710(EUR) N/A 2,761,674 EUR
WOOC The Mall of Engomi (ME) Plc CY0105821710 10/07/2015 0.100(EUR) N/A 10,000,000 EUR
AEON Aeonic Securities C.I.F Plc CY0106130210 30/12/2015 1.000(EUR) N/A 600,000 EUR
INTRA Intraware Investments Public Ltd CY0106211317 18/01/2016 1.000(EUR) N/A 40,000 EUR
VOPE Vonpende Holdings Plc CY0107170710 08/02/2016 12.500(EUR) N/A 253,600 EUR
SNPM SNP Southeast Network Public Ltd CY0106281310 15/02/2016 0.010(EUR) N/A 39,800,000 EUR
ANAST D&S ANASTOPOULOS S.A GRS806003000 29/02/2016 0.500(EUR) N/A 5,705,053 EUR
NETIN NET INFO Plc CY0106391119 22/04/2016 0.220(EUR) N/A 12,820,670 EUR
ROEN R ENERGY 1 S.A. GRS807003017 05/08/2016 0.720(EUR) N/A 2,914,411 EUR
PLATA Plata Management Public Ltd CY0106831312 24/10/2016 0.010(EUR) N/A 10,100,000 EUR
KOYTARI Athanasios D. Koukoutaris GRS810003004 06/06/2017 0.300(EUR) N/A 21,000,000 EUR
KOYIM K. Kouimtzis S.A. GRS809003007 07/07/2017 1.000(EUR) N/A 600,000 EUR
FAHC FIRST ADVISORY AND HOLDINGS S.Α GRS811003003 08/08/2017 0.500(EUR) N/A 1,220,000 EUR
AMPLUS G.D. AMPLUS PUBLIC COMPANY LTD CY0107561116 19/01/2018 1.000(EUR) N/A 26,000 EUR
ROFOL PlanetClean Recycling Industries Plc CY0108821717 23/02/2018 7.000(EUR) N/A 3,715 EUR
METRANC Metranaco Public Company Ltd (CR with VR_C) CY0107830719 18/05/2018 1.000(EUR) N/A 26,000 EUR
EUMBR RichReach Corporation Public Ltd CY0108321114 16/01/2019 0.050(EUR) N/A 11,312,472 EUR
HBSN Hebson Holdings Plc CY0107912210 28/01/2019 0.010(EUR) N/A 30,000,000 EUR
MHP MAGEAN HOLDING PLC CY0108280419 05/02/2019 1.150(EUR) N/A 886,222 EUR
HANGJI HANGJI GLOBAL LTD VGG429001032 12/03/2019 0.870(EUR) N/A 50,201,100 EUR
SOLIDUS SOLIDUS SECURITIES S.A. GRS820003002 21/05/2019 30.000(EUR) N/A 100,000 EUR
TORIA TORIASE PUBLIC COMPANY LTD CY0108581311 08/08/2019 2.000(EUR) N/A 13,000 EUR
STONE PAPHOS STONE C. ESTATES PLC CY0108670510 24/10/2019 1.710(EUR) N/A 4,680,000 EUR
KINGS KING'S HEAD DEVELOPMENT PLC CY0108630514 24/10/2019 1.710(EUR) N/A 7,130,000 EUR
LAY LAYSTER INVESTMENTS PLC CY0108681319 24/10/2019 1.710(EUR) N/A 101,000 EUR
CBD CONSTANTINOU BROS DEVELOPERS PLC CY0108660511 24/10/2019 1.710(EUR) N/A 14,990 EUR
IQGMG IQ GMG – Intensive Quality Global Medical Group Public Ltd (CR with VR_C) CY0108771318 08/11/2019 1.000(EUR) N/A 1,002,000 EUR
VITAF Pharmaceutical Centre S.A. GRS821003001 21/01/2020 0.430(EUR) N/A 19,494,313 EUR
ASPL1 Aphrodite Springs Public Ltd CY0108921715 23/07/2020 1.710(EUR) N/A 20,000 EUR
ARVAN G. Arvanitakis Group Public Ltd (CR with VR_C) CY0109150710 29/10/2020 1.000(EUR) N/A 19,662,520 EUR
ECON P.G. ECONOMIDES PROPERTIES PLC (CR with VR_C) CY0109271714 16/11/2020 1.000(EUR) N/A 11,934,065 EUR