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13/04/2021 --ΤΟ CSE Members / Custodians / General Operators / Listed Companies / Nominated Advisors on the Emerging Companies Market--Suspension of trading of listed securities and execution of transactions outside the Stock Exchange pursuant to Article 23 of the Securities and Cyprus Stock Exchange Laws or OTC transactions
30/03/2021 --ΤΟ MEMBERS--Determination of the minimum permitted value of simple preagreed transactions for equity instruments based on the Average Daily Turnover (ADT)--
30/03/2021 --ΤΟ Members – Custodians /Listed Companies / Nominated Advisors--Proposed amendments to CSE Regulatory Decisions
26/03/2021 --TO MEMBERS &NOMADS--Presentation/Seminar entitled "The Stock Exchange Legislation for persons interested in being registered as Nominated Advisors for the Emerging Companies Market of the CSE" - 22 April 2021
23/02/2021 --TO MEMBERS /CUSTODIANS & LISTED COMPANIES--Standards of the European Central Bank (Ami-Seco) – on the Harmonisation Processes for Corporate Actions of the Central Securities Depository / Registry (CDR) and on Billing Processes
21/01/2021 --TO Members - Custodians / Listed Companies / Nominated Advisors--Amendments to CSE Regulatory Decisions
30/12/2020 --TO MEMBERS--Changes in the size of Orders with an Uncommonly Large Volume and an Uncommonly Large Value
22/12/2020 --ΤΟ MEMBERS & CUSTODIANS--CSE Central Securities Depository/Central Registry procedures
18/12/2020 --TO MEMBERS/ CUSTODIANS /COMPANIES & NOMADS-- Proposed amendments to CSE Regulatory Decisions
14/12/2020 Capping Factor on the FTSE/CySE20 Index
14/12/2020 --TO MEMBERS--Renewal of annual Licence of CSE Members
14/12/2020 Suspension of trading of the titles of companies of the Regulated Market continued
14/12/2020 --ΤΟ MEMBERS--Obligations of CSE Members
14/12/2020 Changes in the Capping Factor of shares participating in the CSE Indices
08/12/2020 --TO Listed Companies--Translation of company announcements into English