Memorandum of Understanding

PROFILE / Memorandum
Among the general strategies of the Cyprus Stock Exchange is the regional growth and collaboration with other neighbouring Stock Exchanges. The CSE aims, via its strategic plans and developmental initiatives, to play an important role in the Cyprus region, regarding stock exchange issues.
These collaborations contribute in creating comparative advantages and obtaining competition, while they also create extended awareness for the regional Stock Exchanges, large international institutional investors, so as to attract additional investments.
The signature of Memorandums with other Stock Exchanges provides the opportunity for the involved Stock Exchanges to extend their collaboration in a wide spectrum of reciprocal issues of interest for Stock Exchange subjects. In this framework the Cyprus Stock Exchange has signed Memorandum of Agreement - Collaboration (Memorandum of Understanding - MOU) with various Stock Exchanges that are listed below:

Bucharest Stock Exchange (Romania) 2/8/2007
The Egyptian Exchange 26/2/2008
OJSC VTB Bank (Russian Federation) 19/11/2008
Malta Stock Exchange 24/2/2010
MICEX Group (Russia) 15/6/2010
RTS Stock Exchange (Russia) 7/10/2010
Damascus Securities  Exchange 18/10/2010
Tel – Aviv Stock Exchange 14/3/2011
Mongolian Stock Exchange 30/3/2011
Qatar Exchange 5/6/2011
Amman Stock Exchange (Jordan) 6/9/2012
SIBEX (Sibiu Stock Exchange S.A.) (Romania) & ATHEX Group 22/12/2014