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09/04/2020 --ΤO COMPANIES & NOMADS--Actions of the Cyprus Stock Exchange regarding the deadlines for the publication of financial information in connection with the Stock Exchange Circular No. 01-2018/ 02-2018, titled “CSE Policy on the suspension and delisting of securities on the Cyprus Stock Exchange Markets”, dated 23/1/2018
08/04/2020 --TO LISTED COMPANIES & NOMADS--COVID-19 – Submission of documents for listing securities on the CSE
13/09/2019 --TO Nominated Advisors --Financial information to be included in the Information Document when submitting an application for admission to the Emerging Companies Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange as well as attachments
15/06/2018 --For Members & Nomads--Presentation / Seminar on "The Stock Exchange Laws for persons interested in being registered as Nominated Advisors for the Emerging Companies Market of the CSE" (CSE - 08/06/2018
08/02/2018 --FOR Listed Companies--Simplification of procedures regarding corporate activities (incorporation of new securities) for CSE’s Listed Issuers
12/01/2018 --Nomads--Approval for Listing of Securities on the Emerging Companies Market
29/07/2016 --Nominated Advisors--Publication of the Half-Yearly Financial Report of the companies listed on the CSE Emerging Companies Market
17/03/2016 --To: Nominated Advisors -- Addition to paragraph 7.1.2 of the Regulatory Decision on the Markets RAA 379/2014 (as amended) (CSE - 08/03/2016)
16/10/2012 Listing of Interlife in Emerging Companies Market
12/10/2012PCSWClarification on announcement for agreement with Unilever Tseriotis Cyprus
08/10/2012GASAnnouncement regarding the decisions of the Company’s Extra -Ordinary General Meeting
03/10/2012LIMNILimni: Clarification on report for start of works at Limni Chrysohous Lake
03/10/2012PCSWP.C. Splash: Intention to reach agreement with Unilever Tseriotis Cyprus Ltd
28/09/2012EPIENSix-month results 2012 – AGM on 28/12
13/09/2012KERVWinning of award